The Coonoor is a very beauty and very good cooling climate hillstation, so many peoples come from different parts of the world. They enjoy the leave vocation in this hillstation.
Offering a picture perfect view of grassy meadows, tea bushes, a profusion of sunflowers, marigolds etc will surely sweep you off your feet.
During summers the temp is around 15°C to 25°C while in winters it is around 10°C to 20°C.
Even the monsoon season brings lot of rain here. September to March is a perfect time to visit Coonoor hill station. Place of Interest
Sim's Park
Come here to see almost 1,000 different plant species, including magnolia, pines, tree ferns, and camellia.
Named after J. D. Sim, the botanical park is a famous tourist attraction to see in this town.
The main attraction of the park is the annual fruit and vegetable show held in May.
The Pasteur Institute
The Pasteur institute is located in close proximity to Sim's Park.
Constructed in 1907 the institute has specialization in the research for vaccines for rabies and polio.
Open only on Saturdays, if you want to visit it on any other day you have to take the permission of the Director of the Institute.
Pomological Station
Pomological Station is a research centre of the State Agricultural Department for growing persimmon, pomegranates, and apricot the natural way.

Located in the lap of Palani hills, is a beautiful and one of the most popular hill stations in Tamilnadu- Kodaikanal.
Situated at a height of almost 2100 m, Kodaikanal is immensely blessed with extreme natural beauty.
Once here all you have to do is just sit back and relax and enjoy the romantic weather of the place.
Place of Interest
The Lake
Spread over an area of 24 hectares, the Lake is a star shaped water body, ideal for boating. Walk along the lake side with your partner, for a very romantic escapade.
Flora & Fauna Museum
Flora and fauna museum is a perfect destination for those who love nature.
Once here you can see about 300 species of orchids and other exotic plants.
Bryant Park
Bryant park is located on the eastern side of a beautiful lake offering great view to visitors.
The main attraction to see here is the annual horticultural show held in May.
Water Falls
there are numerous waterfalls in the area such as Bear Shola Falls, Silver Cascade, Fairy Falls and Glen Falls, which are popular picnic spots.
Pillar Rocks
Located about 7km from the lake Pillar rock is ideal for adventurers.
You can indulge in some mountaineering experience here.

The lush green tea estates of Kotagiri makes a really great destination to have some peaceful time with yourself.
Even the romantic weather of Kotagiri will surely force you to come back here again and again.
Lets explore the magic of this famous hill station in Tamilnadu:
Places of Interest
Kodanaad View point
Kodanaad is also known as Terminus Country.
The location of the place make it a nice evening hangout destination.
From here get an enchanting view of the Moyar and Bhavani rivers along with the Mysore Plateau.
Elk falls
Come here for a picnic with family and friends.
Visit the first European house built in Nilgiri.
This ancient place is ideal for studying anthropology.
Rangaswamy Pillar and Rock
The Rangaswamy peak is located 20 km from Kotagiri.
Come here to try out rock climbiing at Rangaswamy rock.
Perched at a height of 400 meters, it is considered to be unreachable.
The most scenic and the most popular hill station in Tamilnadu, Ooty or Udhagamandalam is called the 'Queen of hill stations'.
The best thing about this destination is its romantic weather, that can make anyone fall in love with it.
This is one main reason that vacations come here from different parts of the world.
Place of Interest
Botanical Garden
If you love to see different kinds of plants and flowers then Botanical garden is perfect for you.
Come here in May for the famous Flower Show.
The main attraction of the park is a fossil tree trunk which is proved to be more than 20 million years old.
The Mukurthi Peak & Mukurthi National Park
A place especially for the wildlife lovers.
Located about 40 Km from Ooty Mukurthi national park is a nice place to see Nilgiri Thar.
Also visit the famous silent Valley located on the Western side of these ranges.  
Situated about 21 Kms on the Ooty-Mysore Road.
The Pykara Dam and the reservoir attracts many tourists.
Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary
Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Nilgiri's District bordering Kerala as well as Karnataka State.
The park is situated at an altitude of 1000 meters and covers an area of 321 sq. kms.
  The main fauna species found here are Elephant, Gaur, Tiger, Panther, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Mouse, Wild Boar, Parcupine etc.
Doddabetta is the highest peak (2623 meters) in the Nilgiri's and is only 10 km away from Ooty.
Lying at the junction of Western & Eastern Ghats, it is a must vist attractions for all tourists.
The lofty heights of Doddabetta offers beautiful vistas of the Nilgiri Hills ranges.

Yelagiri Hill is one of the popular hill stations of Tamil Nadu. Situated amidst four mountains well known for its salubrious climate prevail throughout the year. Tribal people live in villages in these hills.
If you travel the winding Ghat road that has 14 hairpin bends you can reach the Yelagiri hilltop.
The hairpin bends offer panoramic, breath taking views of the hills and its surroundings.
The seventh bend is significant, since it offer the view of the slopes of the mountain and the green forests that carpet the hill.
Punganur Lake
It is an artificial lake dug in an area of 56.706 sq. mtrs. Boating on the waters of this lake can be an enchanting experience. An artificial fountain can be seen at the centre of the lake.
Government Herbal Farm
The forest department maintains a herbal farm adjacent of the Punganur lake. Here herbs and shrubs are cultivated to produce the main ingredients in the manufacture of Ayurvedic and Siddha forms of treatment.
Telescope House
A telescope has been installed on the Ghat road for the benefit of tourists to glimpse the slopes and terrains of the hills. There are also the temples dedicated to Tamil Annai, Vinayagar and Hanuman.
Jalagamparai Water Falls
The "Attaru" River passes through the Yelagiri hills and falls from 30 mtrs. Height at Jadaiyanur on the other side of the hills. This could either be reached from Tiruppathur 15 kms away or it is an hour’s trek from the hills. Adjacent to the Jalagambari falls, there is a Murugan temple, located within a building constructed in the shape of the lingam.
The beautiful summer retreat during the British times, today Yercaud hill station is known as the 'Ooty of Poor'. The misty weather, cool surroundings and a cover of plush green valleys make this hill destination one of the best hill station in Tamilnadu.
It is believed that Yercaud Tourism has derived its name from a tranquil lake which is situated at the centre of the town. While your visit to Yercaud, don't forget to peep into the vast coffee plantations and orange grooves which were introduced in the region by the Britishers.
The most suitable time to visit Yercaud is from February to June and September to November, while late November and December tend to be cold and misty.
Place of Interest
Yercaud Lake
Come here in May during the celebrations of Summer festival.
Surrounded by beautiful gardens and trees the Yercaud lake is ideal for picnic and also boat rides.
Paddle the boat yourself through the calm lake water and enjoy the romantic weather of the hills.
Lady's Seat
On the south-western side Lady's seat is basically a cluster of many rocks.
The rock form a structure that looks like a lady.
From here enjoy a panoramic view of Salem and the road going downwards.
Killiyur Fall
A perfect place for picnic with family and friends.
Kiliyur waterfall is located at a distance of 3 km from the Yercaud lake.
If you love photography then Killiyur is a perfect place for you.
Come here during Monsoons when the water is at high level then usual.
The Servarayan Temple
Built atop the Servarayan hill at an elevation of 5, 326 m, Servarayan temple is a narrow and dark cave having the God Servarayan and the Goddess Kaveri inside.
During the month of May, local tribes celebrate their annual festival in the Servarayan temple.